Sell Gold and Invest in Properties

Why we think Gold price in India will reach to 12000 to 15000 for 8 grams in next 2 years. The fall of gold prices is forcing the Investors to sell their gold stocks. They are selling the gold before it get price fall again. The other top business and hot business in India is Real estate, which earns more profit to the investors. Property prices reached towering heights in India. So wisely sell your gold and invest your money on properties.

Recent good news from US, unemployment reached to 7%, property prices in US & UK having 2% increased since last year.

Central banks are selling gold, Greece started selling gold.

Gold at record highs

Gold hit a record high of $1,921 an ounce in early September as investors bought the precious metal as a safe haven against the eurozone debt crisis. The price has fallen since then to around $1,700 but that is still very high compared with the historic range, making that old gold necklace or ring kept in a
drawer surprisingly valuable.

GoldBuyers, which has opened several shops in and around the capital, plays up this angle.
“The gold price has risen 300 percent in the last five years,” it says on its website, arguing that now is the time to sell before it falls again.

The Greek market gets an additional boost because the economy has been in recession since 2008
and as the government adopts stinging austerity measures to meet the terms of the country’s EU-IMF bailout accords, times are only get harder.

Unemployment has risen sharply as a result of the cutbacks and lower pensions mean many people are finding it hard to make ends meet.

There “are two types of clients,” said one Gold Buyers employee. “Those who are taking advantage of the rise in gold prices to sell some family jewelry to buy something else, ” such as the latest mobile phone. Then, “there are those who have to sell because they need the money.”

Angeliki says her clients come in to sell their gold crucifixes, baptism tokens or other religious objects along with watches and pieces of gold.

“When you are unemployed and have to pay the bills or taxes … there is often no other solution,” she said. “I have seen some of them crying.” She described most of her clients as women aged 30 to 50 who sell their gold as a last resort and often unknown to their family.


Why property price will go up?

There are millions of Indian people around the world, who will come back to India. They need flats, other Properties to accommodate themselves. The NRI’s are very much interested in investing on Property in India. So better sell your gold and invest your money on the properties.

This is only the Prediction of Sichermove it may go wrong or right. We are not responsible for any issues regarding this article.

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