How election is going to affect real estate ?

India is going to have another government within few months; the results will have impact on the real estate, here is a group of experts sharing their thoughts on the affects of ‘Election in real estate Industry’.

  • What is your advice price will come down try to make up???

Pranay vakil – chairman praron consultancy india

If it could be a stable government the price further will improve. If you have to go the situation of fractured mandates and sure the volume will low.

  • The investors are start rolling back in anything in its point???

The investors are sitting on the facts we will wait and watch which way they think the win is displaying, and then really take back up

Because they short temp people to find the volume really low both for leasing and the peoples are waiting and watching.

  • Telling about what is housing sentimental indexing?

Jayashree Kurup – Head Content & Research

When we did the last housing sentimental indexing we found the customers are now saying that expect, they don’t expect price following in further and they are willing to buy to next 6 – 9 months.

Yes, the election has big roll to play to vary bank the both the end user and investor has holding back for a while and which is buy property market are available in lowest buying in last few months or may be about  year . But we find actullay in Noida has bounce back significantly which means when you see lot of activities on the ground the end users are moving to property are coming to completions and noida has been one market as market rent. Even before telugana was announce Hyderabad sentiment showed that buyers are willing to buying we are looking around activities of the properties.

  • We have best possible out come from election which is single party majority which is both country looking forward to how long is going to be it will be lag effect how is going to be before we see that reflecting our real estate property price for start moving now again??

Ashutosh Limaye – Head Research & REIS, JLL India

I think we get best result in terms of the stable government then it will be a 3 -6 month time lag that we can expect because i think new launches will be launched with slightly higher price point. The same time the investors may want to take a call on what pricing they should bring their stock out in to the market as compared to the developers stock. As we are saying the end users irrespective of the election results is now participating more the stable government comes then in the activity of the end user will increase because they feel that prices will go up. The stable government doesn’t come to the power then the investors will start uploading the stock and the end user will start buying that slightly discount rent.

  • If I already narrow down my listed I have home they got the iron. I should possible wait to results in during the monsoon maybe cut it in?

Absolutely I think that is the great time for any buyer because the activities generally  low that is the time the property is available in market will offering the best deals

  • Those people go on taking advice on right now go out and make great deals at this point. You have a website call magic bricks deals how munch rumours for negotiation right now our Builders willing to negotiate at this point or they also waiting on depends are nothing out play out?

Jayashree Kurup – Head Content & Research

I think it depends on market or market face it is not a developer across a every market either negotiating or not negotiating. But in cities weather the stock is very high. Now many cities the stock is near completion or its already completed that’s developers would like to exit to project or sell as discount. I think many of them are negotiating or will negotiate these kinds of buyers

Vivek Mathew asked a question

  • The people in NCR region are looking to invest or looking to buy a home to using that really small decision in some way will again bring Faridabad slightly more attention than it has received in past ??

Ashutosh Limaye – Head Research & REIS, JLL India

Not really, because Faridabad is part of same state they are going to witness the same benefits or same limitations and other town is going to witness. Faridabad is complete with noida or greater noida then the states are different and the policies are different. But the benefits are not that significant that Faridabad can ride on some of other limitations and through this it pulls that kind of decisions in favour. I think those are different market so this little benefits in property tax.

From the experts words it is clear that if India is going to have a strong government then definitely the price will go up and there will be a stable growth in the Industry and the rest is known.

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